This year I graduated cum laude from Wilkes University with a B.S. degree in Computer Science and as a recipient of the Outstanding Senior Award in Computer Science.

Having developed my thought process for problem solving, I am now starting as a full-time software engineer and I'm ready to take on new challenges.

Currently Learning

I'm getting much more into the JavaScript ecosystem, and I'm currently working with TypeScript and React.

On the side I have been playing around with Go and Rust. They are tremendously fun to use, specifically Rust, and I'm already using them on a few projects.

Adventures into Art

In November 2019 I began my venture into art, where I started learning the basics of 3D using Blender, an incredibly powerful, open-source 3D suite. I have had a blast learning about 3D modeling, physics/fluid simulations, and creating awesome scenes in general, all using free tutorials on YouTube.

After becoming addicted to Blender and devouring all the content I could, I switched over to learning traditional and digital art. After taking a few art classes in college, including Drawing/Composition and Sculpture, I have only found my interest developing further. Recently, when I find the time, I have been practicing portraits and anatomy.

My next milestone is to get more into painting, both traditional or digital, and delving futher into color theory.