After I graduated, I moved to Philly and started a full-time position as a full-stack engineer, and I am loving the hell out of it.

Currently Learning

I've really been digging TypeScript + Next.js more and more. I've also been using tRPC for coupling the frontend and API layers together, with included type safety that is just so satisfying.

Outside of JS-land, I've been slowly learning Rust. It's different but satisfying in its own way. And damn that compiler is unreal.

Adventures into Art

In November 2019 I began my venture into art, where I started learning the basics of 3D using Blender, an incredibly powerful and open-source 3D suite. All using free tutorials on YouTube.

Not long after, I switched over to learning traditional and digital art. After taking a few art classes in college, such as drawing/composition, sculpture, & color theory, I have only found my interest developing further.

When I find the time and motivation, I'll practice drawing portraits and work on my understanding of anatomy.