This year I finished my second year of my B.S. degree in Computer Science. My CS classes this year focused on creating data structures using Java and C++, such as trees, graphs, linked lists, queues, and stacks.

Web Development

This year I hope to spend some time learning new technologies such as React, Electron, and GraphQL. I don't think I'd ever switch off of Vue.js, but I would certainly like to learn more!

Adventures into Art

This year I also began venturing into art, and with it I started learning Blender, an incredibly powerful, open-source 3D suite. I have had a blast learning about 3D modeling, physics and fluid simulations, and creating awesome scenes in general, all using free tutorials on YouTube.

As a side hobby, I plan on continuing my adventure into 3D art as well as learning traditional art, with the hope that I can create the crazy things from my imagination.

You can follow me on my ArtStation if you would like, which is where I'll post any of the projects I work on!