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This year I finished the second year of my B.S. degree in Computer Science. My CS classes this year focused on creating data structures using Java and C++, such as trees, graphs, linked lists, queues, and stacks. My Fall 2020 semester includes CS courses Theory of Computation and Algorithms.

Web Development

So far this year I have been trying to learn several more technologies that I've always wanted to learn. Primarily React, Next.js, and Docker. I am enjoying using Next.js and React; in fact, this site is built with Next.js!

It's likely that I won't switch from Vue.js, as I much prefer the syntax and simplicity of Vue components, but starting to learn React was a very important goal that I am glad to have achieved.

I've also slowly started learning Docker, I love the idea of containerization and keeping web servers off of my local machine. I plan on reinstalling my OS soon, something I normally do once a year, and Docker seems like a great way to avoid having to install a handful of unnecessary services (MySQL, PHP, etc.) locally.

Adventures into Art

In November 2019 I began my venture into art, where I started learning the basics of 3D using Blender, an incredibly powerful, open-source 3D suite. I have had a blast learning about 3D modeling, physics/fluid simulations, and creating awesome scenes in general, all using free tutorials on YouTube.

After becoming addicted to Blender and devouring all the content I could, I switched over to learning traditional and digital art. This year I have been practicing gesture, figure drawing, and anatomy, albeit at a snail's pace.

I plan on continuing my journey into art as a side hobby slowly and surely, practicing a little bit every day. I've discovered a creative side that I didn't know I had.