Here are the repositories of some of projects that I've worked on. It should come as no surprise that many of them use Laravel, Vue.js, and Tailwind CSS.

The others are school assignments and example programs that I made in order to better understand a language, environment, tool, or programming paradigm.

Tailwind CSS Preset

An awesome minimal preset for Laravel 7+ using Tailwind CSS and Vue.js, as well as Laravel Mix and configuration for Tailwind's built-in Purge CSS. A perfect starting point for your next idea.

Projects & CSS

These repositories are used to demo CSS and to recreate sites like Google and GitHub, as well as demonstrating how to use Tailwind CSS to design sites.


Code from my high school Java I (intro to Java) and Java II (Android Development) classes. These projects allowed me to understand Java more thoroughly, as well as being able to use external APIs to populate a UI.