Here are the repositories of some of the projects that I've worked on. It should come as no surprise that many of them use Laravel, Vue.js, and Tailwind CSS.

Others include applications that I have made to learn a language, environment, or tool, including designing or recreating existing applications to test my skills.

Laravel Projects

These are some of my personal Laravel projects I've worked on. Many of these began from wanting to familiarize myself with a specific library or API, all while diving deeper into using Laravel for more complex applications outside of CRUD.

Many of them are purely proof-of-concepts. Some lean towards front-end and some back-end, but they all helped me improve my skills in some way.

  • Pastebin CloneFront-end & Back-end

    A cute, simple clone of Pastebin with configurable options for expiring pastes, syntax highlighting with multiple languages, and paste visibility.

  • Shopping CartFront-end & Back-end

    Shopping/e-commerce application, based on a Codecourse series, with added support for flexibly attaching a country & country division (state, province, etc.) to an address.

  • Socialite Demo

    Demo application of the laravel/socialite package, with ability to connect multiple authentication methods to a single user account.

  • Stripe Demo

    Basic application that utilizes the Stripe API for buying products, checking out, and interacting with Stripe's webhooks.

  • Lynk

    Customizable URL-shortener, originally for an assignment for a high-school class. One of my first Laravel projects.

  • Forum

    My first Laravel project, which is a forum application with basic administrative features, such a reporting posts and essential moderation.


Vine is a simple PHP micro-framework that I built from scratch, using no other libaries. It was a great learning experience to get into the nitty-gritty of routing, middleware, and the request cycle. It's not something is intended (now or ever) to be production-ready; it is merely a learning experience.

I'm going to continue updating it with more features (improved middleware stack, error handling, dependency injection, templating engine) when I can, because it is by far one of the more complex projects I've worked on and is full of interesting and tricky problems.


Discord Bot that parses and converts LaTeX expressions into PNGs. TexBot started as a project for a concurrency/quantum computing class, and I plan to continue working on it in my free time.

It uses the concurrency features of Go and several command-line tools for processing and runs inside of a Docker container.

Slim Skeleton

Project scaffolding for Slim 4 micro-framework applications. Useful for extremely basic projects that won't benefit from a general framework like Laravel, although the project is structured like a Laravel application.

Tailwind CSS Preset

An awesome minimal preset for Laravel 7+ using Tailwind CSS and Vue.js, as well as Laravel Mix and configuration for Tailwind's built-in Purge CSS. A perfect starting point for your next idea.

Projects & CSS

These repositories are used to demo how to recreate sites like Google, GitHub, and Reddit using vanilla CSS and Tailwind CSS, along with any other design concepts.

Java/Android Projects

Code from my high school Java I (intro to Java) and Java II (Android Development) classes. These projects allowed me to understand Java more thoroughly, as well as being able to use external APIs to populate a UI.