Here are some of the public projects I've worked on. Most of them are just for fun; some served a purpose, some were just to learn something new.


Vine is a simple PHP micro-framework that I built from scratch. It was a great learning experience to get deep into routing, middleware, and the request life-cycle. It's not something intended to be production-ready.


Discord Bot that parses and converts LaTeX expressions into PNGs. It started as a project for a concurrency/quantum computing class.

It uses the concurrency features of Go and several command-line tools for processing, all wrapped up inside a Docker container.

Laravel Projects

These are some of my personal Laravel projects I've worked on, mostly for fun.

  • Pastebin CloneFront-end & Back-end

    A cute, simple clone of Pastebin with configurable options for expiring pastes, syntax highlighting with multiple languages, and paste visibility.

  • Shopping CartFront-end & Back-end

    Shopping/e-commerce application, based on a Codecourse series, with added support for flexibly attaching a country & country division (state, province, etc.) to an address.

  • Socialite Demo

    Demo application of the laravel/socialite package, with ability to connect multiple authentication methods to a single user account.

  • Stripe Demo

    Basic application that utilizes the Stripe API for buying products, checking out, and interacting with Stripe's webhooks.

  • Lynk

    Customizable URL-shortener, originally for an assignment for a high-school class. One of my first Laravel projects.

  • Forum

    My first Laravel project, which is a forum application with basic administrative features, such a reporting posts and essential moderation.

Slim Skeleton

Project scaffolding for Slim 4 micro-framework applications. Useful for extremely basic projects that won't benefit from a general framework like Laravel, although the project is structured like a Laravel application.

Tailwind CSS Preset

An awesome minimal preset for Laravel 7+ using Tailwind CSS and Vue.js, as well as Laravel Mix and configuration for Tailwind's built-in Purge CSS. A perfect starting point for your next idea.

Projects & CSS

These repositories are used to demo how to recreate sites like Google, GitHub, and Reddit using vanilla CSS and Tailwind CSS, along with any other design concepts.

Java/Android Projects

Code from my high school Java I (intro to Java) and Java II (Android Development) classes. These projects allowed me to understand Java more thoroughly, as well as being able to use external APIs to populate a UI.